Traffic in numbers from Paros to Antiparos for the year 2017

Traffic in numbers from Paros to Antiparos for the year 2017

Have you ever wondered how many passengers, cars, trucks and motorbikes have reached Antiparos through Paros?

Here is some info about the ferry boat traffic from Pounta and the direct boat traffic from Paroikia to the island of Antiparos.


Ferry boat traffic from Pounta to Antiparos in 2017:

Passengers: 292.680
Cars: 51.244
Trucks: 6.411
Motorbikes: 14.458

In specific for selected months we have the following stats:

May 2017: 15.205 passengers
June 2017: 29.452 passengers
July 2017: 69.719 passengers
August 2017: 102.993 passengers
September 2017:  33.585 passengers


Direct boat from Paroikia to Antiparos

During the period from June to September 2017, 16.149 passengers preferred to arrive in Antiparos directly from Paroikia (Paros port).


If you compare this year’s February to last year’s (2017), we will notice a significant increase in the Pounta – Antiparos ferry boat traffic as well!
Passengers: 43% increase
Cars: 17% increase
Trucks: 66% increase (!)

That means that the island of Antiparos is getting more and more popular among the desired destinations in Greece!



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