This Sunday Hainides live in Antiparos

This Sunday Hainides live in Antiparos

Hainides live in Antiparos on Sunday 30 July at Cine Oliaros!

Hainides are inspired by the vast legacy of traditional Cretan music and whose lyrics borrow words from the Cretan Greek dialect. The group’s name comes from the word hainis, meaning the fugitive rebel.

Over the years, Hainides have collaborated in studios and on stage with Ross Daly and several other well-known musicians and singers. They have performed throughout Greece and abroad, including Luxembourg, Cyprus and America, and they have recorded seven studio albums.

Their instruments include the Cretan lyre acoustic guitar, traditional Cretan percussion instruments, mandolin, bouzouki, flute, double bass and electric bass.

In their live performances, Hainides blend their own compositions and songs with new arrangements of themes and songs from traditions such as those of Turkey, Afghanistan and Bulgaria.

Entrance: 12 euro

Starts @ 22:00

Doors open @ 21:30

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