The Swimming Race Paros – Antiparos is cancelled

The Swimming Race Paros – Antiparos is cancelled

We are sorry to inform you that the Swimming Race “Paros – Antiparos Channel Crossing” will not take place this year, due to new (strict) athletic regulations by the greek government.

The organising committee “Antiparos Nautical Club”, despite all the endless efforts, did not manage to overcome these difficulties.


This is the announcement:

The organizing committee of Antiparos Nautical club is very sorry to announce the annulment of the Swimming Race “Paros -Antiparos Channel Crossing “ .
The new athletic law which has being recently announced, demands a series of strict safety measures , impossible to be realized in such sort notice. As an example :
1 rescuer every 20 participants, 1 life boat every 10 participants, 3 speed boats with a lifeguard included, partial start every 60 persons , a deposit for each participant , payment of the expenses for transferring and accommodation for the official representatives of Hellenic Swimming Federation, finding certified lifeguard company etc.
Despite the assistance of the Municipality, the time left does not allow the legal realization of the race at least for this year .
It’s a real pitty we’re forced to annul this beautiful athletic event which has been successfully realized by the Nautical club the last 9 years . The annulment of the race deprives the most important source of our financing and creates problems for the healthy functioning of Nautical club.
The organizing committee of Nautical club will do everything possible in order to reorganize the race next year .
Faroupos Ioannis President of Antiparos Nautical Club
Kritikou Flora secretary of Antiparos Nautical Club

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