The 8th Antiparos Road Race will not take place this year

The 8th Antiparos Road Race will not take place this year

This is the announcement regarding the 8th Antiparos Road Race for Good Health by Antiparos En Plo.

“Since its inception, the Antiparos Road Race for Good Health has succeeded in developing and evolving, in offering lots of smiles and pleasurable moments, and in arousing the interest of the running community. From the outset, our cultural Society has given priority to runners and hikers, and has aimed at organizing and hosting a true celebration at the start of each summer; all along, the basic goal of the event has been to both promote Antiparos and foster the true sporting spirit.

Every race-related action, every small addition or improvement to the event, has been carried out with the participants in mind; after all, these are the very people who, through their presence, have honoured the Antiparos Road Race for seven years now. This people-centred approach is what spurs us each year to take dozens of parameters into account when deciding on the date of the race. 
Fully respecting the athletes making their way to Antiparos from many parts of Greece, and taking into full consideration the upcoming election period (with local, regional and EU elections to be held), the other races slated to take place throughout the Cyclades, the weather conditions and, above all, the uncertainty of the duration of the election period, the initial plan to hold the race on 2 June will have to be temporarily postponed.

The energy and passion that Society members have demonstrated for the Antiparos Road Race cannot easily disappear. These will now simply be shifted to new cultural activities planned for the summer of 2019 (to be announced shortly), helping to nourish these events even more.

For more information on future Society activities, please visit our website at

Best regards,
Panayiotis Efstathionos 
President of Antiparos En Plo”

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