Spend your Easter in Antiparos – Celebrating life and nature!

Spend your Easter in Antiparos – Celebrating life and nature!

Easter in Antiparos? Why not? This year the Easter’s date is Sunday the 8th of April, a little bit earlier compared to other years, but still it’s all about springtime rich in beauty, bounty, and tradition!

In Antiparos, aromas of lavender and rosemary intermingle and carpets of wildflowers decorate verdant hills. A feeling of rejuvenation overtakes the island as everyone prepares for Easter, by far the biggest holiday in Greece, and celebrated in a beautifully unique way.

Even if Easter is early this year , Antiparos will be alive and kicking, as many businesses will be open to welcome the guests of the island! In case you are planning to visit Antiparos for Easter, click here to find a place to stay, to eat or to enjoy your drink! And if you don’t want to bring your car, there is always a taxi to help you move around the island. (+30.6970.624.750)

There are many wonderful food and religious traditions that generally are followed in Greece in Easter week and you can find them in Antiparos too!

Tradition #1: Baking Tsoureki & Dying Red Eggs
On Thursday evening, Antiparos prepares for the Holy Weekend. It’s considered tradition to make the delicious sweet Easter bread, called Tsoureki (or buys it from the bakery because it’s very difficult). This is eaten on Easter as the three braid of the bread represent the Holy Trinity. Many people even cut into the shape of a cross. Additionally, eggs are being boiled and dyed red. (See Tradition #4 to  learn more about the importance of the Red Eggs.)

Tradition #2: Church Bells, Flags, Tomb of Jesus
On Good Friday, there is a sombre atmosphere and the church bells ring and flags fly half mast, and a shrine representing the tomb of Jesus is carried in the streets of Antiparos, passing from the port and ending back in the church of Agios Nikolaos at the town’s square.

Tradition #3: Midnight Church Service & Candles
Late on Saturday night, before midnight all the people go to the church of Agios Nikolaos.  Then follows a festival of light that is a true delight – at midnight the church goes dark and the bells ring out to proclaim the resurrection, and people start cheering and letting off fireworks and crackers!  The Greeks, young and old, buy or make their own Easter candles which they take to the church on this night.  (See below the beautiful artwork by Antiparos En Plo). The priest lights a candle representing of Jesus’ eternal flame and everyone lights their candle from this one.  People carefully carry their candle home and make a black cross on their house with the flame to bless themselves.

Tradition #4: Red Egg Cracking
Afterwards, some people return to their homes and the families sit together at the table to have the festive dinner, or others visit some of the open restaurants! It’s a custom to always start with cracking the red eggs with each other, which symbolizes the risen Christ’s blood.  Everyone selects one egg, carefully choosing the one that seems the strongest. Then the egg cracking begins! One cracks their chosen egg on top of another’s chosen eggs, saying “Christos Anesti” (meaning “Christ has risen”). The other one responds, “Alithos Anesti” (meaning “Indeed, he did!”). Each time there is a winner and loser. Loser is obviously the one with the cracked egg. The egg cracking keeps on going, until there is only one winner- the chosen one with the un-cracked egg! The one with the strongest egg is said the have good luck for the whole year

Tradition #5: Eating Magiritsa
After the egg cracking, people start eating the traditional magiritsa! This dish contains the offal of the lamb just before it is roasted, along with some green vegetables (lettuce, dill and onion) boiled together. It is traditional to eat magiritsa because it symbolizes the end of the 40-day fast Greek Orthodox people have right before this day in order to mourn the death of Jesus. This feast of drinking and eating lasts till the early hours at Antiparos bars and clubs, sleeping only to get up and make the Easter Sunday lunch.

Tradition #6: Roasting the Lamb
The Easter Sunday is the final, joyous celebration. People gather again before noon to roast the lamb (or goat) on a spit and then enjoy a long lunch with lots of meat, potatoes, salads and drinks. There are many restaurants in Antiparos where you can go and feel like home! On Easter Sunday noon you can enjoy a large feast with live traditional music at Pantelis Fish Tavern or wander around in Antiparos, where the locals will invite you to join them in their table!

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Join the local Easter Bazaar by Antiparos En Plo. You will find it in the courtyard of the Navagio (Shipwreck) cafe (next to the Post Office), where handmade ‘labádes’ (candles), Easter creations and much more will be on offer. Proceeds from these sales will go toward supporting our Society’s social and cultural program. In addition, those interested in participating in the 7th Antiparos Road Race for Good Health will be able to register for the event at the Bazaar.

Antiparos welcomes you in Easter!

Start planning your Easter holidays in Antiparos! Here are some useful information.

Where to stay during Easter in Antiparos:

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Other hotels or rooms are not open for Easter. But there are many places to eat, have a drink and have a good time!

Where to eat and/or have a coffee during Easter in Antiparos:

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Of course you can always enjoy Antiparos’ nightlife and although it’s not high summer, but the feeling remains the same!

Where to have a drink during Easter in Antiparos:

  • Tabula Rasa
  • Loco (in a new address!)
  • The Smile Company
  • Bee
  • Lucky Luke
  • The Mill
  • Rescue

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In case you ‘re in the mood for watersports & yoga, SpotOne Surf Club is available to offer you its services.  You can also wander around to do some shopping  at Coral and K-house. Don’t forget that if you are planning to stay for a long time, there is Amerini’s Laundry to take care of your clothes!

Feel the magic in Antiparos also in Easter!

For any further information or inquiries, please contact us at info@antiparosonline.com. Happy Easter!


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