The 6th Antiparos International Photo Festival | Promo Video

The 6th Antiparos International Photo Festival is taking place at Antiparos Kastro on July 7 – 16. Don’t miss this exceptional festival with a number of unique photography & live music events! Presented by – the Antiparos travel guide 🌐 Promo video created by Waymore Digital Media Art. 🌐   The video

Spend your Easter in Antiparos – Celebrating life and nature!

Easter in Antiparos? Why not? This year the Easter’s date is Sunday the 8th of April, a little bit earlier compared to other years, but still it’s all about springtime rich in beauty, bounty, and tradition! In Antiparos, aromas of lavender and rosemary intermingle and carpets of wildflowers decorate verdant hills. A feeling of rejuvenation overtakes the […]

Traffic in numbers from Paros to Antiparos for the year 2017

Have you ever wondered how many passengers, cars, trucks and motorbikes have reached Antiparos through Paros? Here is some info about the ferry boat traffic from Pounta and the direct boat traffic from Paroikia to the island of Antiparos.   Ferry boat traffic from Pounta to Antiparos in 2017: Passengers: 292.680 Cars: 51.244 Trucks: 6.411 Motorbikes: 14.458 In specific […]