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So you’ve heard about this awesome, not-so-new-anymore, sport that’s taking over the beaches and skies around the world called kitesurfing, or otherwise known as kiteboarding…  and you’ve finally decided to see what the fuss is all about? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Kitesurfing is one of the most exhilarating of all water sports. It combines many athletic disciplines from kite flying, wakeboarding, surfing and even parachute jumping. Imagine being able to pull off all your favorite wakeboard moves all with one large kite and no boat. Ride for hours at a time with only the sound of the wind at your ears and no stopping to get on a lift or get on a boat.

Just a few meters away and on …another island you can ride the waves with the help of a kite and a board. Pounta is located in Paros, just opposite Antiparos, and is the place where kitesurfers from all over the world meet and become one with the sea. 

There you can learn, rent equipment or just hang out with other kitesurfers at Paros Kite Pro Center (+302284092071,+306932336464) or at Paroskite Kiteboarding Center (+302284093018,  +306977003855)