Our studios and rooms are ideally designed for comfort and relaxation.

Sunset Studios & Rooms consists of 5 studios (up to 4 guests, one of them up to 6 guests) and 6 double rooms. Our rooms are of a traditional Antiparos style, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the magnificent sunset. We are here to make your stay, enjoyable and memorable!

And the view is something hard to find in Antiparos hotels or houses. The sea, the sunset, the feeling are the elements of unforgettable vacation in Antiparos.

Sunset Studios & Rooms is a unique recommendation for your stay in Antiparos. The combination of hospitality and service and the harmonious relationship between quality and rate, represent fully our philosophy! Enjoy the magnificent sunset view from your balcony!

Discover the true beauty of Antiparos in Cyclades, Greece with Sunset Studios & Rooms in Antiparos and enjoy genuine breathtaking holidays!


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