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Walking and taking photographs on Sunday morning in the island, I reached the neighboring seaside house, one of the old houses in the area. There is no door but a beautiful arch made of stone that welcomes you.

I was walking on the ground full of yellow flowers admiring and feeling happy with all the beauty around me.

I walked towards the closed little house and I saw two beautiful painting on the outside walls. The big one had a signature and a date and it was entitled: “Hymn to Antiparos”!

The painter was obviously feeling like myself, blessed and love and she honored the island with her beautiful painting.

Anti Art Gallery has its birthday this year, becoming five years old. It didn’t grow up, it remained small in the Kastro’s entrance besides the Saint Nicholas’ church in front of the square. But it has become certainly wiser with so many precious creations that it has featured these five summers and with all these artists it has met and appreciated. It hasn’t become more beautiful, for me it has been beautiful all along, but it has gained great friends that care for it and support it. It has created relationships for life!

Anti Art gallery is happy for its age, meaning that despite the hard times, it still exists in the island and schedules beautifully its immediate and further future.

Thankful for the place that it found and loved, and that trusted it with an educational, entertaining and cultural role.

Dedicated to Antiparos!

Mary Chatzaki, Curator