“Memory”: Painting exhibition

Surrounded by children’s toys, lost in tall rooms. Reminiscent of old flavors, old scents. I thought I heard my mother’s voice calling me  home. I recalled familiar words growing louder while sounds of the road slowly dimmed.

I travelled through dull depictions on the walls, through old music, through implications, through glances.

I indulged in meaningless cheats.

I was anxious about the morning wake-up call to school. About the family celebrations I had to participate. About all my doubts. About all the moments I had to run away from myself.

I wandered on seaside roads. I resigned destinations. I watched as vessels vanished from the horizon.

I felt the presence of an old love, the first touch of hands, the fragrance of a caress.

I immersed myself in the immortality of a Summer’s night.

Then I returned to my boring “mature” thoughts. I kept on observing things from above, shuddering, pretending, sorrowing, but in fact wishing to start my life all over again.


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Yiannis Adamakis was born in 1959 in Piraeus, Greece.
He has presented his work in 30 private and numerous group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Polland, Russia and Turkey. He also took part in the Art Fairs: ART ATHINA (Athens, 1994, 1998), ART JONCTION (Nice, 1997), LINEART (Gent, 2000) and ART PARIS (Paris, 2004).
He lives in Vrilissia, Athens.
He is working in Greece with the Zoumboulakis Galleries.

Duration: 29 July – 13 August 2017

Location: anti Art Gallery