Yiannis Adamakis | Paintings Exhibition

“Memory”: Painting exhibition Surrounded by children’s toys, lost in tall rooms. Reminiscent of old flavors, old scents. I thought I heard my mother’s voice calling me  home. I recalled familiar words growing louder while sounds of the road slowly dimmed. I travelled through dull depictions on the walls, through old music, through implications, through glances. […]

Mona Næss | Ceramics Exhibition

Within the framework of this year’s exhibitions “Summer ’17” at anti Art Gallery, Mona Naess from Oslo, Norway, will present her new ceramics collection. Her exquisite work entitled “100% Naturalis” includes photos from Antiparos, her second beloved home. She spends her year between Antiparos and Oslo, creating and getting inspired by these two different places. […]

Festival of Ai Yiannis Spiliotis

The chapel, which is found in the forecourt area of the Cave of Antiparos and has lent its name to the entire hill it rests upon, wears its festive attire in spring. It is an especially picturesque celebration, with treats.

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