Giannis Bagourdas bio

He was born in Athens in 1968. After high school he left for England to study Engineering Design.  After a break for his military service he returned to England for work until the summer of 2004. Since September 2004 he works in the R&D Department of Bic Shavers.

His involvement with photography is purely amateur, mainly in the last 4-5 years. Under his belt he has an exhibition, in the art gallery ‘ANTI’ of Antiparos in September 2012 and a participation in the group exhibition of the Photo Circle “THALASSES” in June 2014.

Also from 2013 he is a member of the organizing team of the Antiparos Photo Festival.

Although the two topics of the exhibition apparently seem unconnected, to me they could not be more closely tied. Doodling and photography are two of my favorite pastimes. During my school years I always had the “filthiest” books, full of doodles, and at the same time I was the only one with a camera (a ‘67 Canon FT) on all excursions.

The common ground of this exhibition is…my current job! I am lucky since I get to travel often to Europe, but also to other continents and my camera is always at hand. However working in a multinational, besides traveling, long meetings are also common. Doodling helps me to wander off but also concentrate better, depending upon the discussion subject…!

Duration: Mon 10  – Sun 23 Sep

Location: "anti" Art Gallery

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