Anti Art Gallery(Paros island) presents the Solo exhibition of Dimitra Chanioti, “Nature loves to hide”. The opening will be on Tuesday 17 of July at 20:30 and the duration of the exhibition is until Monday 30 July 2018.

By stimulating internal mechanisms, the artist attempts to le ad the viewer away from rash and superficial judgement. The images put forth by Dimitra Chanioti allow the viewer to interpret them of their own accord and call on them to discover new ways of approaching reality thus obviating its hidden aspects. The current socio-political state of affairs is central to her concerns. The search for truth under every veneer and layer of concealment is ubiquitous throughout her subject matter which derives its reference s from antiquity -and its myths – until present day. Running through all the works on display, the notion of obscurity is evident and can be attested both in the technique employed and on a level of metaphor and symbol ism. That “hidden” aspect comes to embody the primeval fear before the Unknown.

Dimitra Chanioti - Chanioti


Duration: 17 – 30 July

Location: anti Art Gallery