The Castle of Antiparos

The Castle of Antiparos Claimed

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The Castle of Antiparos, which was built by the nobleman Loredano, constitutes the settlement itself. It is a single, autonomous, residential unit. The whole complex was arranged around a square courtyard, in the middle of which rose a central tower. The base is what remains today of this tower. The perimeter was composed of 24 two-storey dwellings with a continuous, high external wall with a width of three metres, without balconies or large windows adorning its facade.

Access to these houses with their marble doorframes was through the interior courtyard; and there was only one exit, on the southern side, secured by a Gothic gateway that has survived to this day. Later, 24 two-storey residences were built around this central nucleus, and this new quarter was named Ksopyrgo [outside the tower].