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Sacred soil, a place of Ancient Greek glory and worship…Despotiko, an islet to the west of Antiparos, to this day has retained all of the mystery and magic of a pristine landscape, nearly untrodden. The sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis, which once gathered a multitude of faithful, today attracts a multitude of admirers of Ancient Greek beauty, which shines under the Cycladic sun, next to turquoise waters, in the heart of our archipelago.

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The Antiparos Cave

The Cave of Antiparos is among the most beautiful and most significant in the world; this because, in addition to being an enchanting natural site worth seeing, it is inextricably linked to the history of the area and generates great archaeological interest, owing to the findings from the Stone Age discovered in its interior.

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The Castle of Antiparos

The Castle of Antiparos, which was built by the nobleman Loredano, constitutes the settlement itself. It is a single, autonomous, residential unit. The whole complex was arranged around a square courtyard, in the middle of which rose a central tower.

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