10 things to do in Antiparos – by Ami Patsi

10 things to do in Antiparos – by Ami Patsi

By Ami Patsi

Wednesday 18 July 2018


First time in Antiparos? You will love it!

This island offers you the chance to enjoy and relax into your being. It’s difficult to describe the exact feeling that will definitely make you want to visit Antiparos again and again. But I can say for sure that it’s in the air. It’s something in the energy. Once in Antiparos, always in Antiparos, so here is some ideas for an unforgettable experience.


10 things to do when you visit Antiparos for first time:

#1 Try to discover as many beaches as you can. Psaraliki I and II, Soros, Faneromeni, Livadia, Panagia and Agios Georgios.

#2  Take the small boat and discover places, where it would be difficult to approach by car.

#3 Visit the Antiparos Cave.

#4 Visit the “anti” art gallery of Antiparos, where many different exhibitions take place and new artists are waiting to be discovered.

#5 Taste the local specialties, like fouskoti, melitinia and gouna.

#6 However, don’t miss the chance to taste the world cuisine in certain restaurants. Get ready for a fantastic gastronomic journey!

#7 Interact with the locals and get in the mood of the island. Ask for information, no one the island better than the locals. People here always have a story to tell you, especially the older ones.

10 things to do in Antiparos - by Ami Patsi - antiparos local people

#8 Discover the unique nightlife of the island. Ok, the island is generally peaceful during daytime, but after midnight… lose yourself to dance!

#9 Watch the sunset at Sifneiko. The sky colors will leave you breathless. Isn’t it amazing when you watch the sun coming down and after a while, the moon getting brighter?

10 things to do in Antiparos - by Ami Patsi - antiparos sunset

#10 Let yourself be driven by the good vibes of the island, relax and enjoy just being close to the sea and nature. You are on vacation, forget your daily routine and be open to new experiences and feelings in Antiparos!


Ami Patsi is a travel blogger and an Antiparos enthusiast.

Photos by Socrates Rivers | Waymore Digital Media & Art

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